The first Jamaican participant registered in HPA 2017!

On November 30, a new country member of HPA 2017 has emerged-Jamaica. Throughout the HPA contests in the past, there have been photographers from 162 different countries and regions. So having a breakthrough is getting more and more difficult in the process. We have to consider those countries and regions that haven’t joined with us are relatively small and remote, owning digital cameras and studios are precious things for people from there. The winning work of Nomination award in HPA 2015 called Photographers from Western Africa, photo by Adrien Tache, just speaks the fact.

As the map shows, Jamaica is located in the center of the Caribbean, rich in the sugarcane and cocoa. Nowadays, the most popular activity is sports for locals. Local native Indians are said to be extinct, 90% of the population is from African slaves and hybrid descendants, and majority of them believe in Christian. With participation of Jamaican photographer, we believe more details of local cultural will get shared in HPA 2017.


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